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Court Reporter
Our dedicated team of reporters, both in-house and nationwide, is highly experienced in transcribing complicated legal matters. We don’t hire right out of school. We require a minimum of three years of service for all our reporters and have a unique quality control process that tracks the jobs and experiences of our reporters so we send the right team to each job.  This enables us to provide our unique quality guarantee. We are also experts in realtime and handle all specialty areas from patent, trademark infringement, product liability, securities, commercial, construction and bankruptcy litigation. We often handle arbitrations and corporate management transcribed and recorded events, medical malpractice, corporate and governmental hearings and meetings.

 Reynolds provides transcript delivery in hard-copy as well as electronically and PTX.E-Transcripts

Should you require interpreting services, Reynolds provides interpreters in all languages. We arrange competent and reliable interpreters in any language throughout the world.

Legal Videographer
Reynolds has an experienced and dependable team of videographers. Whether you need a videotaped deposition, discovery and inspection site visit, day-in-the life, or courtroom playback, our team is ready to assist you. Each of our videographers is CLVS (Certified Legal Video Specialist) certified by the NCRA.

Real Time Court Reporting
Reynolds also provides reporting services in realtime, onsite and via the internet, through LiveNote™, Summation™, Caseview™ and Bridge. Using internet,  realtime enables attorneys, their clients and authorized support staff to view testimony instantaneously wherever they may be.

Reduce costs and save time with videoconferencing! Video conferencing is offered at each of our locations and through our worldwide network.

Our Certified Legal Video Specialists (CLVS) have years of experience covering multi-jurisdictional litigation using state of the art digital technology to capture, create and edit professionally produced litigation support. Our clients can then choose whichever format best suits their needs; CD, DVD or Video Synchronization, which combines the video and transcript and enables you to view them on screen simultaneously. Exhibits can be hyperlinked as well. Our final product includes software that allows the user to review the video, create clips and export them to presentation programs. We also videotape “day in the life” documentary and on-site inspection

Video Streaming Over the Internet
We can send video depositions live over the internet anywhere in the world. Clients can view live proceedings, while receiving text in realtime on their PC or laptop via the internet. Attorneys can instant message to easily share their thoughts and strategies while the deposition or arbitration is taking place.

Additional services
Complimentary training available.
Dailies and Expedited Service
Deposition Suite
Realtime Depositions
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